Everything There Is To Know About Us


So what's the deal with Radiant Pig?
Radiant Pig Craft Beers began as a pipe dream for a couple of homebrewers in a small Manhattan apartment. In February 2013, we brewed our first commercial batch of our flagship beer, Junior. We make hoppy ales inspired by the city we love, New York City.

So what's with the name?
Our name is inspired by some of our favorite things in New York. Radiant comes from our favorite NYC artist Jean-Michel Basquiat "the Radiant Child". Pig actually doesn't mean anything at all.

Seriously, PIG is completely arbitrary?
Okay, I guess it stands for our favorite types of New Yorkers - People In Gastropubs. People like us, who love great food and great beer.

Where can I find some of your delicious beer?
Our three flagship beers Junior, Gangster Duck and Save the Robots are available on draft and in cans in NYC, Long Island, Westchester and newly, Connecticut! To help you track down our beer check out our Find Us page.

Where are you based out of?
We're based out of NYC.

So the beer is made in New York?
Not exactly. If you've ever rented an apartment in NYC, you know how ridiculous rent can be. So right now we commute a couple hours to brew it, wait a couple weeks until it's ready, then truck it back. But our dream is to open up a brewery in Brooklyn. We're thinking if you drink enough Radiant Pig you can actually help make it happen. It will be a great story to tell your kids - that you helped build a brewery in the greatest city in the world just by drinking beer.

Can I really help Radiant Pig build a brewery in Brooklyn?
Funny you should ask, as we are looking for accredited investors to join us in this journey. You can learn more about that here.

Exactly how many beers does Radiant Pig have?
We have three in regular rotation - Junior IPA, Gangster Duck American Red, and Save the Robots IPA. Oh and we've done a couple other one offs here and there. You can read more about our beer over here.

Hang on, just three beers out there right now?
What can we say - we have high standards for our beer. So if it takes a while to get it right, we think it's totally worth it.